Meet the Builder

We found our builder in what I imagine is the best way possible.  First, I stumbled across an amazing home that was under construction but nearly complete.  I loved the design and got a really good chance to examine the quality of work.  The Northwest MLS lists the builder for all new construction so I did some background research and finally reached out to them.

Murphy Building Company is a local custom and spec home builder who has been in business since the late 1980s.  They survived three recessions and continued to produce quality homes even during the mid ’00s boom years.  This last point was a big one for me since just about anyone who could swing a hammer was in the home building business at that time and a lot of terrible structures were built then.

Bob Murphy is the front end man.  He is responsible for the bulk of client communications and business development.

John Murphy is the numbers man.  He is the brains in the back office and makes sure the information and numbers flow and add up.

Terry Murphy is the field man.  He manages the worksites and ensures they maintain their high standard of product.

We are very happy and excited to be working with MBC and I am already working to ensure we get a builder’s plaque installed in the front walk when the time comes.

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