A Tour of the Structure

This is a video tour of the home we will be constructing.  We haven’t broken ground yet so obviously it’s not our actual house.  This one was built just up the street from where we used to live in and it is what inspired me to pursue the construction path in the first place.

Many people who choose to go custom want to have a wholly unique architectural layout or a plan that is at least guaranteed to be unique to the zip code, city, or state.  We opted for a design that we knew was in use nearby primarily because we like everything about it and our preferred builder has had very recent experience with it.  He was able to make a very accurate price estimate simply by looking back in his books.  Most importantly, there is very little chance they’ll be surprised by any architectural gotchas.

Even though we’re building an off-the-shelf design, we’re definitely making it unique.  We are adding several windows strategically placed to take advantage of the sun’s path in this location.  We went with a functional bench seat window for the TV room.  We are removing elements such as the Roman pillars outside the front room because we’d rather have a more humble passage way and have more room for entertaining.  We’re adding in many more subtle additions to truly make this house work for our family.  In the end, it will be a great home.

The design you see in the video below is a west-facing house.  Our finished construction will be south facing.

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