Picnics and Permits

Technically, we may have been trespassing at the time. On Tuesday night after signing, I packed up my family and went to the lot to have celebratory dinner. Not wanting to make too much of a fuss, we decided to have pizza delivered. The person taking my order was rather confused after they asked “Is that a business or a residence?” and I responded “Neither, it’s an empty field.”

By the time the pizza arrived, three neighbors had already come by and shared greetings and congratulations. By the end of dinner, we had met  a third of the households in our T-shaped dead-end road. Our pre-schooler was running the extents of the lot with a boy from around the corner.

Wednesday we were informed that the docs had been recorded and the property was officially ours. I called up everyone on my team and we shared a round of congrats and thanks. This closing had been a real nail biter and it was officially over.

Thursday morning I called my builder, Bob (no… not that Bob) and we began plotting anew. I asked about next steps and he suggested that the permits may be completed this week. He spoke in hypotheticals about what would happen assuming the permits were released that day and I let him go do his best to make that a reality.

Not three hours later, I got a message from Bob with the good news. The permits had been approved.

I believe we’re entering a phase of rapid change. We should be breaking ground within days. Stay tuned for more.

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