Details, Details…

Just as the roof trusses are going up, we are at the peak of customizing and decision making.  Paint colors, trim, flooring, doors, windows, counters, fixtures, and cabinets are all either finalized or need to be nailed down very soon. The results of those decisions are materializing fast, too. The windows we were picking just two weeks ago showed up on site today.

Danze ThermostaticOne of the things I knew we wanted customized very early on was thermostatic shower controls. I installed them in our last house and was very pleased with the result. So much so, in fact, that I had ordered the shower valves for this house before we even made an offer on the lot.

The Danze shower valves have two controls: The upper handle is on/off and pressure. The lower knob is a temperature dial which allows you to set a precise temperature from 70º to 110º with a safety stop at around 100º. I calibrated the showers in our old house and found the thermostat to be accurate to within two degrees.

The master shower in 1120 is bathtub-width with opposing and individually controlled shower heads. Not only will this allow two people to take functional showers at once, the thermostatic valves will allow for accurate preference setting and minimal fiddling.

There are still many details to finalize, including appliances, tile, and countertops. Fortunately we find this process very enjoyable and we’ve met a lot of great folks along the way.

2 thoughts on “Details, Details…

  1. Can’t wait to see colors and other detail photos. You must have to keep a detailed schedule for everything. I’m excited.

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