We’ve Got Shingles

Some may not know this, but there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to roofing colors and styles. We opted for a simple, classic look: the charcoal grey straight-cut shingle. Frankly, there’s enough other stuff going on with this roof that we didn’t need to gussy it up any further.

Due to the huge demand for workers this summer, our roofing sub was only able to have two guys on site, but the pair put in very long hours for several days in a row in order to get the project done on time.

The plumbing rough-in is about 80% complete and the electricians started their work before being scared away by the nailing overhead. This week, we should see a lot of activity with the last of the windows going in, finishing touches on the roof, electrical rough-in, plumbing, and siding.

As for materials, we’re working on finalizing electrical and plumbing fixtures and I’m spending time mulling over closet shelving solutions.

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