Chatroom, Hardware, Muslin

If you weren’t refreshing the live cam yesterday, you missed out on one of the more impressive transformations. In just one day, paint crews completed the entire exterior of the house.

It looks amazing.

Want to paint a whole house in a day? Just hire two van loads of dudes.

Fresh paint!

The colors we chose are all Sherwin Williams. Chatroom for the main body, Hardware for the cedar accents, and Muslin for the trim.

The painters earned themselves several inquiries from the neighbors with their quick work. In less than twelve hours, they had masked off all of the windows, painted every detail, and cleaned up the jobsite. I had been operating under the expectation that they would be working for two or three days to get the job done. Perhaps the rainy forecast provided some incentive, but these guys brought their full crew and spared no effort to get the job done quickly and cleanly.

It's strange how getting the sheetrock up creates the illusion of a much smaller space

Master bed

At the same time, the drywall crew came in and hung most of the upstairs drywall and downstairs ceilings. They did an excellent job of pulling through the speaker wire pigtails (with help from Bob!) and dealing with some of the more awkward nooks and crannies first.

Best of all, I recessed a pair of outlet boxes in the master bath walls with conduit running up to the attic. Since we’re not sure where we should put an electric towel bar, I gave myself a couple of options. The drywall crew thoughtfully translated my marker screw positions onto the outside of the new wall.

Finally, my dad sent me an early birthday present. Being an electrician and a geek, he appreciated my desire to have outlets on both sides of the bed in the master bedroom. With that in mind, he sent me a pair of TR power outlets with built-in 3 Amp USB power supplies. It’s the perfect thing. Thanks, Dad!


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