The Sweetest of Utilities

We are all moved in. The boxes are getting unpacked. We are already hosting guests and baking bread, but it all lacked a special something until today.

Today, the Comcast guys came and delivered the Internet.

It’s been difficult maintaining a blog without a series of tubes, but we are officially moved in. This will be our 5th night in our new home and we couldn’t be happier.

Oddly, the bank is making us jump through all sorts of odd hoops before they will release the final 10% of funds to the builder. A lot of the forms make sense (final inspection sheet, homeowner’s insurance), but several others had me scratching my head at first since we were basically re-applying for our loan. Remember that our loan automatically converts from a construction loan to fixed 30 year. The re-application has to do with an automatic interest rate reduction that is part of the product, so it’s worth the hassle.

The punch list is still in progress, but we have a good enough relationship with Murphy that we completely trust that the few minor glitches that remain will be addressed in short order. Several of the subs are already on the calendar to come back and tie up loose ends.

One thought on “The Sweetest of Utilities

  1. Congratulations on your move in! It must be such a relief after all that time planning and slogging through construction. Now I understand why the outdoor camera is not updating. I like the fence. Any blog coming on that? Congrats again!

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