Happy Stuff Back Day!

Christmas came early for us this year in the form of dozens of boxes filled with our own things.

Early this year, we chose to sell our old house and live in a rental while we figured out the build/buy question. Downsizing meant getting rid of a lot of stuff and putting the rest into storage. Now that we’ve moved in, we get to bring back all of the things we haven’t seen since January.

Our build timeline broke down like this:

  • Loan closing – 2 months
  • Permits – Immediate (actually 3 weeks, but we applied during the loan closing process so they didn’t delay things)
  • Construction – 5.5 months

It has been a very long time since we’ve seen many of these things, especially when you tack on the 3 months of limbo before we found the 1120 lot. As nice as it is to get our furniture, books, and wardrobes back, it may be even nicer for the folks at goodwill who have received literal truckloads of stuff we realized we didn’t need after so many months apart.

Now that most of the moving and unpacking is over, I have a bit of extra time for blogging. Over the next several weeks, expect posts with lessons learned, product reviews, and helpful summaries from our build process.

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