1120 Fig – Home-grown preserves

One of the nicest things that came with the lot was a beautiful fig tree. Standing about 20 feet tall, it produces plump green figs that swell to be bigger than golf balls. 1120 Fig is the title for my limited edition preserves.

A very ripe fig

Fig dripping nectar

After initial beta testing, there were only 26 jars of preserves.  Each one is sequentially numbered and sealed with an artistic label. This small batch was the result of a fairly casual fruit picking operation, but next year I aim to collect enough so that everyone who knows me will get sick of figs.

The tree actually fruits twice each year. However, only the first round ripens. The second round produces fruits the size of baby carrots which fall off after the first cold snap. Fortunately, none of the local woodland creatures seem to care for the fruit. My biggest competition is actually ants drawn to the sweet drip of nectar that emerges from the bottom of the fruit when they’ve reached peak ripeness.

If you have any ideas for fig creations for next year, drop me a line.

Fig dripping nectar photo credit: Tall Clover Farm

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