From Scratch…

My name is Ian and I’m attempting to build a house for my family. This blog will chronicle our journey for better or for worse.  I will also be sharing helpful lessons I’ve picked up in the TMYK section. Our project is ambitious and nuanced, but promises to be well worth the effort. Today we have our builder, plans, and a lot under contract. We have completed initial feasibility and our loan is pre-approved and working its way through the financing stage on a 45 day close. Our next hurdles include finalizing the build spec, and paying the architect, preliminary permit fees, builder’s down payment, and appraisal.

The biggest variable in this project stems from the size of the lot.  At just under a half acre, it is a mammoth for flat, build-ready property near Seattle. We hope to sub-plat half of it off at some point to bring in some fresh neighbors and more new construction. This lot division may well be underway while we are building the house. Check back for regular updates as our project progresses.

Update: added contextual links to other posts

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